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Promotion of Well-Being

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Promotion of Well-Being to Face Issues Related To Violence And Drug Use

Coordinator: Profa. Dra. Maria Lucia Formigoni (email: mlformig@gmail.com)

The problems associated with the use of drugs and violence stand out among the main challenges in the area of public health, education and security policies. There is an important interface between drug use and violence, demonstrated by the strong association between episodes of violence and substance use. In addition, these conditions share similar factors of individual and social vulnerability. Numerous attempts to address these problems based on repression and focusing on the associated pathologies, were fruitless. In the last decades, new approaches have been proposed, focused on promoting well-being, as part of preventive or therapeutic actions. Several research groups from Unifesp develop research related to this subject. In recent years, these groups have participated in joint discussions to develop collaborative and convergent projects and have identified the need to establish international partnerships to accelerate scientific advancement in these areas. There is a need for in-depth studies to evaluate and compare the impact of different types of public policies already used in different countries, as well as to study the biological, psychological and social vulnerability factors in different contexts and cultures, to develop new approaches appropriate to the Brazilian reality. This proposal has as its initial step the promotion of a scientific meeting integrating the different areas (Health, Education, Security, Justice, Social Assistance) with national and foreign researchers who have been outstanding in the study of this subject and have the readiness to develop international partnerships in research and extension projects. After the event, we will organize courses to be given at Unifesp by researchers from several countries to deepen the knowledge on specific issues. Before or after the courses, they will participate in research missions to develop international multi-center projects. These partnerships are expected to develop a strong network of international collaboration; increase innovative and high quality scientific production, as well as train Unifesp human resources in this area.

Partner countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, United States of America and Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, India, Uruguay.

Graduate Programs

Promotion of Well-Being
Structural and Functional Biology
Social Sciences
Education and health in childhood and adolescence
Interdisciplinary in Health Sciences
Psychiatry and Medical Psychology
Public Health


Research Projects

> Analysis of the influence of genetic polymorphism associated with reward and environmental stress in the development of alcohol dependence

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Isabel Cristina Céspedes (email: isabelccespedes@gmail.com)

> Innovative interventions to face problems related to alcohol consumption in Brazil: search for new approaches to an old public health issue

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Maria Lucia Oliveira de Souza Formigoni (email: mlformig@gmail.com)

> Integrator Project: interfaces between violence and drugs

 Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Adriana Marcassa Tucci (email: adritucci@uol.com.br)

> Well-being program in schools

 Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ana Lúcia de Moraes Horta (email: analuciahorta18@gmail.com)

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