Executive Vice Rectorate of Graduate Studies and Research
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Coordinator: Profa. Dra. Karina Bortoluci (email: k.bortoluci@gmail.com)

Inflammation is an answer to infection or tissue damage that occurs to eradicate microorganisms or irritating agents and to potentiate tissue repair. When excessive or persistently activated, inflammation can cause commitment of organs and systems, leading to decompensation, organic dysfunction, and death. Currently, it is recognized that inflammation is involved in different diseases, infectious or not, understanding diseases caused by protozoans and bacteria, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular system diseases, neuropathies, pulmonary diseases, multiple sclerosis and cancer, which generate, every year , high cost to health systems in the country. Despite this knowledge, the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of these diseases are not fully elucidated, which leads to diagnostic limitation and application of more effective therapies. Thus, the continuous investment in research and training of human resources in the technical / scientific field is fundamental for the advancement of the identification of new targets for the development of more effective therapeutic strategies to the treatment of these inflammatory natural diseases. In this context, the research currently developed in this institution, in the field of inflammation, encompass three main issues: 1) molecular and cellular bases of inflammatory diseases; 2) identification of molecular targets involved in inflammatory diseases and 3) development of treatments and therapies for inflammatory diseases. In view of the complexity of this theme, activities that promote the internationalization of our Institution will contribute strongly to the extension of knowledge, establishment of new technologies, disclosure and exchange experiences with other centers of excellence in that area of knowledge. In addition, we stress that the internationalization process will encourage the strengthening and establishment of new external partnerships, by exchange of faculty and students, achievement of courses, workshops and symposia, which contribute to the enhancement of highly trained staff and involved in the development of research in this theme.

Partner countries: Canada; Australia; United Kingdom; Italy; Norway; Germany; U.S; France; Chile; Costa Rica; Portugal.

Graduate Programs

Structural and Functional Biology
Chemical Biology
Molecular Biology
Microbiology e Immunology
Ophtalmologhy and Visual Sciences
Interdisciplinary in Health Sciences
Medicine - Cardiology
Medicine - Gynecology
Medicine – Hematology
Medicine - Otorhinolaryngology
Translational Medicine
Neurology and Neuroscience
Psychiatry and Medical Psychology
Medicine - Urology


Research Projects

> Molecular and cellular bases of inflammatory diseases

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Cássia Bergamaschi (email: bergamaschi.cassia@unifesp.br)

> Development of treatments and therapies for inflammatory diseases

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sang Han (email: universo.han@gmail.com)

> Identification of molecular targets involved in inflammatory diseases

 Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Cristiane Damas Gil (email: crisdamasgil@hotmail.com)

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