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Neglected Diseases

doencas emergentes

Emerging, Infectious and Neglected Diseases

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sergio Schenkman (email: sergioschenkman@gmail.com)

The research program of Emerging, Infectious and Neglected Diseases aims to contemplate the development and internationalization of research focused on the needs of patients and the development of tools for prevention (vaccines), diagnostics (methodology), treatment (Drug development) and patient monitoring (infection control). These processes are carried out by our University, particularly the graduate programs in Microbiology and Immunology (CAPES 7), Infectology (CAPES 5), Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences (CAPES 6), Nursing (CAPES 5) and Chemical Biology (CAPES 4) and through various international collaborations and encompass researchers from different areas (Basic, Applied and clinical). The research currently developed in our institution in the area of Infectious Diseases comprehends studies ranging from basic biology to pathological aspects and patient management, in viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. In this regard, international collaborations are important for the new technologies' transfer and the sharing of epidemiological diseases information. It also offers countless possibilities to form and consolidate collaborative networks between the Unifesp and several universities and international companies. We intend within the internationalization project to promote this congregation of efforts and to create locally a high-level environment of research and teaching to attend the specific goals.

Partner countries: Canada; Israel; United States of America; Italy; Russia; Saudi Arabia; Australia; Spain; Argentina; United Kingdom; Germany.

Graduate Programs

Neglected Diseases
Structural and Functional Biology
Chemical Biology
Microbiology e Immunology
Ophtalmologhy and Visual Sciences


Research Projects

> Resistance to drugs and new medicines

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ana Cristina Gales (email: ana.gales@gmail.com)

> Development and diagnostic applications for infectious diseases

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Monica Taminato (email: taminatomonica@gmail.com)

> Pathogenic mechanisms of infectious agents

 Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sérgio Schenkman (email: sergioschenkman@gmail.com)

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